Be You Fashion - Natural Raffia Beach Hat

Be You Fashion - Natural Raffia Beach Hat

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This travel companion hat packs in your bag, unroll it, give it a shake and it bounces back to its original shape looking great. We recommend rolling your hat only for short term and not for a long term storage. Packing and handling may result in softening of this hat over time, if this happens you can use these steps to reshape your hat. When reshaping is required spray a little water on the hat and use a steam iron on a low to medium heat on the inside of the hat and lightly press being careful and not over press, while the desired shape is achieved allow the hat to air dry completely away from the direct sun light, this step will bring your hat back to shape.

This hat can be spot cleaned by using cold water and a clean cloth, do not use any chemical detergent as this may stain the hat and cause discoloration.

It is hand dyed with natural vegetable coloring and as a natural renewable material, the raffia palm fiber colors may soften over time. This potential variation which is characteristic of natural materials.

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