5 Unique Benefits of American Made Women's Clothes

Are you paying attention to where your clothes are made? Here are five benefits of American made women's clothes that may surprise you.

Lots of American women can't truly answer the all-important question, "Who made your clothes?"

You might know the name of the big chain retail store where you purchased them. You might know the size, style name, and even the type of material they're made out of.

But do you know where the money to purchase the clothes is going--and what it's really funding? Do you know what the working conditions are like for the people who made that cute tank top?

If you're not buying American made women's clothes, you don't have nearly enough answers.

In this post, we'll give you just five of the many reasons why smart, stylish, and ethically-conscious women buy American.

1. You'll Seriously Boost the American Economy

The number one reason to buy American made women's clothes? These goods help to grow the American economy.

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It's not exactly a secret how much women love to shop. But more brands and powerful individuals in the garment industry are realizing how much of an influence women have on the American economy.

When you invest in goods made in the United States, you're investing back into our nation. You're also helping to make us a major player in the global market. And of course, you're giving our job market a boost as well.

Plus, you'll end up supporting local businesses. This can help to keep your community thriving and growing.

So the next time someone tries to tell you to cut back on your shopping, let them know you're doing it for the economy. It's not as far-fetched of a response as many people think.

2. You're Protecting Workers

It seems like every other week, another horror story about the working conditions of garment factories abroad makes headlines in the United States.

Whether you like it or not, when you purchase clothing that's made in a sweatshop, you're telling companies to keep exploiting foreign workers.

Clothing that's not made in America means there's no control over the working conditions of the employees in the factories. The same goes for the minimum age or maximum hours when it comes to working.

Even if the clothing is being sold in the States, if it's not made here, it's not subject to our laws about working conditions and labor standards.

Remember, buying American made women's clothes isn't just an investment back into our own economy. Often, it's an ethical choice.

3. You're Helping to Cut Down on Outsourcing

In our last point, we addressed how American companies can't control the often heartbreaking conditions of garment factories based abroad. But in addition to the high human cost, outsourcing also costs American families jobs.

In fact, an astounding 97% of all clothing sold in the United States is made in a foreign country.

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Too many companies set their sights on cheap labor with no regard for the welfare of the workers who make them. Nor do they consider how this outsourcing takes away job opportunities from Americans.

Once a brand decides to outsource their labor overseas, they rarely return to manufacturing their clothing in the United States. This is bad news for our economy and job market.

Buy American made women's clothes to cut down on the amount of labor that's outsourced. You'll send a direct message to brands that you want to put your wallet towards our economy.

4. Your Clothing Won't Be a Bargaining Chip

You can barely stand your crazy cousin's political rants on Facebook. How would you feel knowing that your clothes are being used as a political bargaining chip between the US and another country?

Unfortunately, if you're not buying American made women's clothes, that's exactly the kind of thing you end up feeding into.

Sometimes, other countries try to use laws about importing and exporting goods against us when relations turn sour. Who knew your favorite sweater could end up having that kind of power?

Buying clothing that's made in the United States helps to keep America's economy independent and strengthens our standing within the international market. Plus, buying American made also helps us to cut down on our trade deficit, which can only make us stronger.

5. You'll Get High-Quality Clothing

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Finally, one of the biggest and best reasons to buy American made women's clothes is because you're guaranteed a high quality when it comes to the products you choose.

You'll be able to invest in better fabrics, safer and more environmentally-friendly dyes and materials, and even faster shipping. Even if you pay more upfront for American made clothing, it will last longer than clothing made abroad.

Enjoy finer stitching, better fits, and more comfortable clothing when you buy products that have been crafted within the United States.

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No matter the occasion you're dressing for, when you wear American made women's clothes, you'll feel better about the way you look.

You'll make ethical purchases, invest in our own economy, and enjoy a higher quality of products that last for a long time.

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