Girl Boss

The saying “Girl Boss” is becoming a well-known phrase. It is a long-standing cliché that women are the boss of the house. But now, since women are often the boss at work, this phrase is becoming more commonplace. The trend for women managing and owning businesses is growing exponentially. More than 11 million firms are owned by women, and over 51% of women-owned companies account for 39% of all privately held businesses. The Girl Boss initiative is going strong, yet many ask “how do they do it all?” I think we all have moments when we amaze ourselves with how much we juggle, yet there are other times when we feel like we are falling short on all fronts.

Many women manage a million things at once but delegating and flexibility are paramount. We often have so many balls in the air that we become afraid that if we let go and allow others to help, we will drop them all. The skill set necessary to run a business is very similar to managing a household, a spouse, and children’s lives.  At work, I try to maximize the talents and interests of my employees, because when they are executing their true talents they give their best effort and are more fulfilled. Identifying opportunities where an individual’s talent can shine has been a significant factor for employee longevity, and the growth of our business. Because roles at work and at home are constantly evolving, my mantra is to go with the flow. 


Women are powerful leaders not only because of their ability to multitask but also because of their ability to adapt and connect with others. According to Psychology Today, female managers outperform their male counterparts largely because they have higher overall levels of personal engagement. Recently I have found that when things seem to be spinning out of control, I take a minute to slow down, chat with my team, customers, and colleagues. When I do this, I have a renewed sense of purpose as I always hear great ideas and strategies that help our company improve and grow.

As a small business owner, I am often faced with the challenge of prioritizing the many areas of my company that need my attention.  My creative time is hugely important, yet it often gets trumped by other pressing needs of the business. My strategy is to compartmentalize the different areas of my business and my life, make lists, use sticky notes, and then tackle one thing at a time. When I do this, I am less overwhelmed and much more productive. The juggle is real, but I try to tell myself that tomorrow is another day. We all have to take a breath and embrace the chaos because while this stage of life is crazy, it is also a very special time of growth. The key is in finding that balance. And wine helps, too!

Taylor PaceComment