6 Best Types of American Made Women's Apparel

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There's nothing like the satisfaction of getting brand-new clothes and finding different ways to make your old and new wardrobe items mix together. Just a few simple pieces can bring a whole new life to your sense of style.

Although, this process is often much more rewarding when you know your clothes are American made.

Having a domestic mindset when you shop can do wonders for your wardrobe, the nation's economy, and even the worldwide economy. When you shop American clothes, you're supporting entrepreneurs in your backyard and taking a stance against sweatshops and other issues of the fashion world overseas.

This sounds pretty cool, right? It's a beautiful thing to be a part of.

The trick is to find some great American clothing brands to start shopping for! Here are the top five women's apparel makers in the United States.

1. The Things We Keep

Accessories can make or break any outfit, which is why we gave them priority on this list. The Things We Keep is all about crafting timeless, elegant architectural jewelry.

The company is based in New York and has been in operation since 2011. Every collection from then to now has a personal touch and a commitment to excellence.

Whether you're looking for a new pair of earrings to wear at a special outing or a few rings to sport every day, check out what this American brand has to offer. All designs are made by hand and meant to be part of your jewelry collection for many years.

2. Hackwith Design House

If you're looking for a fancy excuse to flaunt your new jewelry, you need the proper attire to match. Look no further than Hackwith Design House.

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Hackwith focuses on creating minimalistic pieces that turn heads with ease. The best part? Every collection only releases 25 pieces of each item.

This practically guarantees that no one else will have the look you do - at least not in your social circle or favorite hangout spots!

More importantly, you can trust the quality of this American made brand to last through various washes and different occasions you wear your Hackwith clothes to. Each piece is perfect for a casual, dressed-down brunch or as a canvas for you to create a killer look for a night on the town.

3. Genetic Los Angeles

No matter how many items you have in your closet, every girl has the same struggle: we always want to wear our favorite pair of jeans!

There's honestly no shame in that. But, it's probably better to expand your denim collection and have at least a few go-to pairs to choose from.

Whatever reason you need new jeans, consider getting your next pair from Genetic Los Angeles. Not only is Genetic an American made apparel option, they make every single piece in one top-notch facility.

Skilled craftspeople spend their days hand cutting and carefully treating each piece of denim to perfection.

Plus, there's much more to choose from than just jeans! After you find your new favorite, hip-hugging denim pants, browse Genetic's selection of skirts and jackets.

No matter what your weekend plans are, you can't go wrong with a little bit of denim. This is a fashion must-have that will always be in style.

Why not get one of the best, most sustainable denim looks out there?

4. Flynn Skye

As great as it can be to slip on your favorite pair of jeans, sometimes you want to create a flowy, more freeing look. Swap out the denim and go for fun floral prints that sway in the wind as maxi dresses, skirts, and fabric pants.

If you don't have much of this in your wardrobe or you aren't sure where to get such a style from, consider Flynn Skye.

This California-based company will have you feeling totally relaxed and fabulous at the same time. Flynn Skye is all about creating looks that make the beach meet the city.

Every piece is tailored to make women feel confident, sexy, and totally in control. The brand was originally inspired by the founder's young daughter, and today is a resource for all women to be empowered.

The brand has a store you can visit in the city or special collections you can find only online. This makes the shopping experience a bit more catered to where you are and what you're looking for.

Whether you're an L.A. babe all the way or a Northerner on a beach getaway, it's worth seeing what Flynn Skye has to offer.

5. This Is for the Women

For those who are all about feeling confident and embracing the beauty of being a woman, This Is for the Women is the American made apparel you need in your closet.

Founded by Janne Robinson, this small, Californian shop is committed to women who aren't afraid to speak their mind and strut their stuff - all while wearing a classic cozy tee or rocking a cute crewneck.

There's no tight, sexy cuts or intricate designs that are available at this shop. But, we all know there's nothing like finding the absolute perfect t-shirt and wanting to wear it all the time. That's actually pretty sexy, too.

Your favorite t-shirt might as well be the one that expresses who you are as well as what all women can be.

These statement tees are not just about your personality and finding something to wear with your favorite distressed jeans. They're a statement all ladies out there can relate to, or at least look up to.

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6. CCH Collection: The Ultimate Choice for American Made Apparel

As great as the suggestions above are, they clearly each have a distinct purpose. You can't necessarily shop at This Is for the Women for the perfect pair of jeans, or go to Genetic Los Angeles for a girly, chic maxidress or swimsuit.

Each American made brand has their unique specialty - a craft that all the respective companies on this list work hard to build. At CCH Collection, we are right there with them, but of course, with our own purpose.

Our apparel is for the woman who stocks her closet with contemporary, sophisticated clothing. She shops for high-quality fabrics and enjoys making casual pieces into something stunning.

To browse our collections, click here.