The Spring Accessories You Need to Stay on Trend

Being in style and on trend is all about the accessories. Check out these great spring accessories that will step up your style game this year.

If you want to create a truly memorable look, you have to have the right clothes. But it doesn't stop there. Accessories can elevate your look from stunning to fabulous!

Want to take your style game up a notch? These spring accessories will keep you on trend all year long.

Statement Sun Hats

From ultra oversized to tourist-friendly bucket hats, statement hats have never been more in for spring.

Whether you pair them with a simple swimsuit on the beach or a funky tropical print, you'll have some shade from the sun's rays and look great at the same time!

Rectangular Cat-Eye Sunnies

Cat-eye glasses have been around since the 1950's.

While their trendiness has come and gone from year to year, they are back for 2018, sharper and wider than ever.

If your goal is to make a bold statement this spring, then bring these cats out of your bag.


Serious Statement Jewelry

When it comes to spring accessories, the right jewelry can give your look a little extra sparkle. The jewelry trends for spring though, shine brighter than we've ever seen before.

With big, chunky statement earrings and necklaces, you can add some serious oomph to those American made staples you love so much.

Just add some shoulder-length earrings to your favorite little black dress and voila! You have an easy yet stunning look on your hands. If you're feeling even more adventurous, you could add a stack of cuff bracelets and an anklet, too.

Transparent Bags and Shoes

We know you're probably thinking all transparent accessories should stay in 1991. But you'd be wrong. Transparent spring accessories are all the rage in 2018.

From Chanel's transparent over-the-knee rain boots to Celine's clear bags featuring drawstring tops, transparent accessories were all over the runways at fashion week.

Even Rhianna's been spotted rocking transparent accessories.

And if you ask us, we are one hundred percent on board. Who doesn't want to take a cue from RiRi and show off what they got?

Sassy Sneaks

The athleisure trend isn't going away this spring. Oh, did you think the fashion sneaker trend might be on its way out? Think again, friend. For 2018, these spring accessories have gotten a few updates.

You can say goodbye to the simple, understated slip-ons you saw last year. 2018 is all about sassy, eye-catching details like curled toes, crocheted florals, and seriously thick soles.

To style even the sassiest sneakers, you can keep it simple or go all out. To draw the most attention, top your favorite minimalist look off with some sharp, detail-forward sneakers. If you want to go all out, wear your favorite head-to-toe prints and then pop on some fun footwear.

Skinny Waist Belts

Whether you wear them over a dress, a pair of high-rise skinny jeans, or a pencil skirt, skinny belts worn high on the waist are just one of the many must-have spring accessories this season.

From old-school chain belts to more simple and understated leather styles, there's a skinny belt for every stylish Sally out there. No matter what look you're going for, a skinny waist belt is a surefire way to seal the deal.

Belt Bags and Fanny Packs

Think these belong in 1991 too? Think again. This spring and summer, belt bags (or fanny packs, as many know them) are in style once again. Not only will they add to your look, but they're practical, too!

Going out for a day in the city and don't want to feel weighed down by a large bag? Just pack the essentials into your trusty fanny pack and head on your way.

You'll have both hands free to do whatever you please - whether it's posting an #OOTD on Instagram, or double fisting ice cream cones. We won't judge!

And while you're at it, why not tie a flannel, sweater, or jacket around your waist, too? With these great spring accessories, the dream of the 90's can be alive whenever you want it to.

Fringe Bags

Bags with ultra long fringe popped up on the runways during spring and summer 2018 fashion weeks too. Dior, Calvin Klein, and Loewe were just a few of the designers to feature these fun bags in their S/S 2018 shows.

Looking to make your outfit pop? Compliment it with a colorful fringe bag. If you want to take things even further, you could find a fringe bag with a funky pattern or logo on it and really set yourself apart.

Short Strapped Crossbody Bags

Along with many of the other trends we've mentioned in this post, crossbody bags also got an update for the year ahead. But what, you ask? To that, we offer two words: short straps.

Nothing says "look at me" like a crossbody bag with a short strap worn high up on your body - either at or under your bust.

Not feeling the fringe or belt bag trends this year? Then a crossbody bag could be your new go-to. You can purchase one with a short strap, or find a style you like that has an adjustable strap and adjust it to wherever feels comfortable for you.

Crossbody bags offer another great way to free up your hands too. And once you get used to wearing one, you'll hardly notice that it's there at all.

Make a Statement with These Must-Have Spring Accessories

From transparent shoes to teeny tiny glasses to statement jewelry and hats, these spring accessories for 2018 are nothing short of diverse.

But what kinds of clothing should you use as the foundation for your outfits this season? If it were up to us, we'd start with some sophisticated, American-made basics and spice them up with some of these superb spring accessories.

What direction you take with your outfits this year is entirely up to you. And that's the best thing about fashion! You can be as reserved or as daring as you decide.

Whatever spring accessories you choose to try, we know you'll rock them in your own unique way.