Top 10 Essential Clothing Items Every Woman Needs in Her Closet


A little black dress isn't the only essential clothing item you need in your closet! Read on to learn the top 10 clothing essentials every woman needs.

What's your go-to outfit for any occasion?

Maybe you love throwing on a sundress and a light jacket, or you're the friend in the group who always rocks her athleisure wear everywhere she goes. These are just a few classic style statements women love to choose from.

They're easy to put together and can be timeless, head-turning looks when worn the right way. Not everyone is a fan of girly dresses or statement gym t-shirts, though.

But, there are some essential clothing items all women should have, regardless of what their main look is. Whether you're a total fashionista, or you still text your friends what they're wearing to lunch (honestly, we all do), you need this list.

The following are the top ten pieces of essential clothing to make sure you have in your closet.

1. The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Nothing makes you feel just right like the jeans that hug your hips better than all the other pairs you own. These may be the skinny jeans you absolutely love or the jeans with a flare you don't wear as much as you probably should.

If you can't pinpoint which pair this is for you, it may be time to go shopping. Your go-to jeans are like your favorite color of lipstick - they're something you can always count on to look good in.

2. A Collection of Simple T-Shirts

Maybe you and your favorite jeans already have a great thing going on. Sometimes, looking just right comes down to the top you're wearing, and more often than not, you're overthinking it.

Stop trying on a bunch of extravagant blouses and tight tank tops. All you really need to look amazing in is a few t-shirts in solid, classic colors.

Get a black and a white t-shirt for starters. After you have those two, you may want to get a few pastels or darker shades, depending on the colors you normally wear. Pay attention to the cut as you shop.

Are you more of a v-neck lady, or do you just love the comfort of a classic crew?

3. A Few Retro Pieces

If all you've ever known is designer brands and up-and-coming names, try branching out a bit. Just like a good sale can come in handy when you have lots of shopping to do, a thrift store may be hiding an essential clothing item or two.

Go thrifting to find your perfect pair of mom jeans or the flannel that you never want to take off. Keep an eye open for a t-shirt from your favorite 80s band, or, try something a little different from your regular style just for fun.

There's no rule or rhyme to thrift shopping. But, this is something you want to do if you want to spice up your essential clothing pieces in a totally unique way.

4. A Stunning Blazer

There are certain pieces you get a total steal on while thrifting, and others that are worth paying a little more for. A blazer is definitely one of the latter.

The right blazer will feel snug but not tight. It won't limit your range of motion, and it will make you look professional, confident, and empowered. Blazers come in all cuts, colors, and styles.

Not to mention, they can be worn many different ways!

Throw a blazer over those favorite jeans of yours and a retro t-shirt. Keep it work-friendly on top of a simple sweater and some matching pants. The possibilities are endless, but the blazer is what completes such looks.


5. A Cozy Cardigan

Sometimes, you want to make a statement that isn't as bold as a blazer. For a look that's all about style and being laid-back, add a cozy cardigan to your collection of essential clothing items.

There's really nothing like spending a day wrapped up in such a nice garment. A nice cardigan can comfort you on the busiest of subways and the loudest of restaurants and bars. Even if you're just lounging around at home, you may as well feel super comfortable doing so.

6. Ballet Flats and Show-Stopping Heels

Speaking of comfort, let's talk about flats versus heels. You need both.

But, you also need to know which essential clothing item is right for which occasion. You really don't need to wear heels to the office every day - you can spare your feet. Ballet flats, though, aren't exactly the first choice for a night at a Broadway show or a nice dinner.

Always choose your footwear in context of the rest of your outfit, where you're going, and who you're going with. Think about transportation, too.

7. The Ultimate Pair of Sneakers

If you want an edgy, fun look for dinner but don't really feel like going down the subway steps in heels, throw on a pair of sneakers.

Be mindful of the style different sneakers have while you shop. Some may be perfect for the gym but not exactly right for everyday wear, and vice versa.

As you're trying things on, think of wearing a certain pair to your spinning class and on a casual weekend outing. You may find you need one athletic pair and one pair for fun, unique looks with sneakers.

8. A Beautiful Bikini

Regardless of how cold it gets where you live, every woman needs a bikini.

The right bikini depends on your body type, clothing style, and where you plan to wear it, too. A weekend by the pool doesn't run the risk of an outfit malfunction like a day at a busy beach with strong wind and waves.

Consider your usual destination, and what makes you feel your best. This will ensure you're always confident in your go-to bikini, no matter where you are.

9. A Set of Go-to Accessories

329HE Multi.JPG

It's one thing to find the one bikini that's right for you and another to choose among all your accessories. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are what tie most outfits together. Hats, watches, and scarves are noteworthy details, too.

Ladies who love fashion and shopping tend to have more accessories than they know what to do with. If this sounds like you, go through all the things you own.

Make note of what you wear the most, and find a special location for these items. These are the timeless parts of your unique wardrobe. But, don't forget about all the other accessories you can play up an outfit with.

10. The Ultimate Everyday Bra

Last but not least, invest in a good bra.

Let's be honest - you could be wearing your favorite outfit in the entire world, but if your bra straps are slipping or you're in back pain from the band, you won't be having a good time. Fix your fit. You'll be surprised just how much of a difference this makes.

Get the right bra in a color that matches your skin tone, so you can wear it all the time. Then, switch it up and buy the same one in fun colors and get a strapless one, too.

Make These Essential Clothing Items Your Own

Ready to go shopping for all the essential clothing items mentioned above?

Great, there's just one more thing to keep in mind - always try to find new ways to put your own spin on them! There's a reason these are essential parts of every woman's wardrobe. Such items are classic, comfortable, and fashion-forward.

But, they need to be paired correctly with everything else you own. For fashion ideas to help you solidify your style, click here.