8 Essential Tips for Creating Pretty Summer Outfits

We've finally made it to the summer. After months of brisk winds, freezing temperatures, and slushy snow, it's time to hit the beach with a romance novel and a tropical drink.

It also means you get to break out your summer wardrobe. Sure, boots, leggings, and sweaters are all great, but there comes a time when you want to throw on your shorts and a flowy blouse.

A whole new season means all new trends and styles that could stop you short: what should you wear during summer 2018 to stay cool, literally and figuratively?

We've got 8 easy styling tips so you can wear pretty summer outfits all season long.

1. Flowy Dresses


Would it truly be summer without a flowy dress or two? These types of dresses make it easy to put together an outfit. Throw on your favorite dress with a cute pair of sandals and you're out the door to soak up the sun.

Flowy dresses are great for warm weather outfits because they're equal parts stylish and practical. The fabric and style are breathable, which will help you keep cool even on the hottest days.

Dresses are also versatile. A basic color dress could be an appropriate work outfit, but you could also style it up or choose a patterned option for a night out.

2. A Good Pair of Sandals

Sandals are another versatile clothing option that can go with a number of different cute outfits for warm weather.

Sandals are great for beach trips so you won't get sand stuck in sneakers. For backyard barbecues and fairs in the dirt and grass, sandals won't get stuck like heels would.

Sandals also have a summery vibe that makes them an essential addition to any summer wardrobe.

3. Accessories

The right accessories can make any outfit feel more summery.

Sunglasses are a great accessory to add to a summer outfit. Recently, thinner sunglasses have been uber trendy. Round shaped Harry Potter type glasses are also extremely popular for summer.

Straw hats are another summer accessory that will make an outfit even cuter. There's just something about a straw hat that screams sunscreen, the beach, and a gentle summer breeze.

Tote bags make a great accessory, especially for beach days and other summer outings.


4. Patterns

As the sun comes out, so do the fun patterns.

Florals are a classic choice for summer: blouses, shirts, and even pants have great floral patterns for fun summer outfits.

But there are other patterns to consider as well. If you're feeling bold, go for a bold and colorful pattern. If you want to go for a more classic or traditional outfit, a striped button-down tucked into white pants or shorts will make you look like you belong on Martha's Vineyard.

The range of patterns is varied so it can fit almost any style. From simple polka dots to wild Aztec inspired patterns, there's something for everyone's closet.


5. Play Up Some Color!

Summer is bright, so shouldn't your wardrobe be bright as well?

Yellow, pink, red, teal, and blue are all great summer colors to add to your summer outfits. Brighter pops of color can make an outfit stand out from the crowd.

Have on some basic colors? Pair them with a bright blouse, pants, or a funky pair of shoes.

Don't forget that your accessories can be the pop of color you're looking for! Shoes, sunglasses, hairbands, and jewelry can all add a splash of color to spice up your summer outfits.

6. But Don't Forget Your Neutrals

With the excitement of summer and bright colors, it can be easy to go overboard with the colors. Keeping neutral and pastel colors in your wardrobe will balance out the pops of color as well as blending well with summer weather.

White pants, tan shirts, simple blue button-ups, khaki shorts, and white tops can add a lot to a summer wardrobe. Pastel pinks and blues are also great summer outfit choices.

The lighter colors will keep you cool. Neutrals will also go very well with a number of different outfits and can be paired with bright pops of color to maintain a summer vibe.

7. Keep Layers Light

While we might wish that it would be 80 degrees every day of the summer, that's not always the case. Summer nights can cool down, rainy days exist, and cold fronts aren't rare.

Having a few key items to layer up with will combat any summer chills while not being too heavy like fall or winter outerwear.

Try finding some light jackets, windbreakers, or sweatshirts that you can layer with your outfits. These could be basics that go with a lot, or you could go for a fun patterned windbreaker (the 80s and 90s style windbreakers are coming back into style).


8. Simplicity Is Always In

After we've suggested cool patterns, bold colors, and exciting accessories, we thought we would wrap up these tips with a reminder: it's ok (and trendy) to go for simple and classic outfits.

White linen shirts, simple pants, plain color dresses, and chino shorts have always (and probably will always) been essential summer items. Cute outfits don't depend on being bold or daring. While those things are great, it's also just as cute to keep it simple with a linen shirt and denim shorts.

Styling Pretty Summer Outfits: Wrapping Up

Before you head out the door to enjoy the summer sun, you need the perfect outfit. Whether you lean toward a boho style, a more traditional preppy style, or you're the most hipster gal out there, these 8 styling tips will help you put together pretty summer outfits for the warmest months of the year.

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